2015 Season

The quintet’s 2015 musical season will include tours in France and Italy between January and April 2015, especially focused on the commemoration of the first World War.
This particular concert program is structured so as to introduce some of the main Italian and French composers active during the Great War: Respighi, Casella and Ravel to name a few. The quintet will perform some of the most important original works written for this type of ensemble, as well as transcriptions arranged by members of the quintet and subject to future publications (for instance through the German publishing house Impronta, in Mannheim).

During the spring of 2015, the quintet will also take part in the celebration of feminity with a series of concerts dedicated to women, in a tribute to some of the most active composers from the 19th century to the present day. On this occasion, the quintet will perform world premieres of two pieces dedicated to Anemos by composers Kathryn Potter (USA) and Patrizia Montanaro (Italy).

Between October 2015 and March 2016, master classes will be directed by the ensemble during the “Risonanze Armoniche” meetings in Provence and Italy, and several works created for the quintet in 2014 will be premiered. This season will also give birth to new collaborations with famous artists, premieres of works written for Anemos and various concerts with smaller ensembles created specifically for running with a more restricted repertoire, for instance a reed trio as well as an instrumental trio consisting of piano, flute and oboe.
With this last ensemble, the members of the quintet will perform at Burgh House in London with an eye-catching program entirely devoted to the period of the Belle Époque, rediscovering and presenting a little-known repertoire of compositons of considerable interest, written specifically for this truly original ensemble.

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