Incroci Musicali (2020)

20th and 21st century Italian and Hungarian music for wind quintet

Denes Agay: Five Easy Dances
Alfredo Casella: Pupazzetti op. 27
Salvatore Di Stefano : L’ancien secret des cinq
Alessio Elia: “Nocturnal Awakened”
Ferenc Farkas: Antiche danze ungheresi 
Marco Lombardi: Perpetuum Immobile

The project “Incroci Musicali” (“Musical Crossings”) originates from a synergy between the Wind Quintets “Anemos”, the Italian Culture Institute of Budapest, and composers Alessio Elia, Salvatore Di Stefano and Marco Lombardi. All of these human resources, jointly, have invested their talents, energies and support in order to realize this recording. The repertoire offered here is (as the title suggests) a “crossing” of works belonging in the traditional repertoire for Wind Quintet (Farkas, Agay, Casella) with the creation of new projects by young Italian composers involved in this production (Elia, Di Stefano, Lombardi). There is a variety of musical languages, with different styles; all of them are significant in order to display an itinerary through more than fifty years of music for wind instruments. This is also the final result of an intense cooperation between the two countries of Italy and Hungary, including the choice of this “cross-cultural repertoire, the selection of a recording studio in Budapest with Hungarian sound engineers, and the cooperation, in the artistic direction of the project, between Maestro Alessio Elia and Maestro Andras Farkas (the son of Ferenc Farkas, one of the composers of the pieces recorded here). This entire ideal journey, from Rome to Budapest, has been made possible only thanks to the generosity and support of Dr Gian Luca Borghese, the Acting Director  of the Italian Culture Institute in Hungary.

Published by Da Vinci Classics:

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